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Hello, I am Skwigg and I am no longer a food lunatic. In fact, I'm pretty happy-go-lucky and healthy. When I first took the Orthorexia quiz I totally flunked every question. Now I make an effort to eat more like a normal person. Well, ok, no, scratch that. Normal people tend to be fat and unhappy. I don't want to be normal. I don't want to be Bob. I still eat like an athlete... an athlete with brain damage maybe? Mostly I eat plants and animals...and chocolate. Whatever you do, don't encourage my madness by clicking on that What I Eat link.

I'm quite the propeller-head and I have a slight (snort!) internet addiction. I would like to have my iPhone implanted directly into my brain. I can usually be found online answering fitness questions or uploading tiny pictures of my meals. I have a website and discussion forums for Happy Eaters.

Anyway, have a look around. The up-to-the-minute nonsense unfolds in my blog. There are lots of nutrition, motivation, and supplement articles in the Stuff to Read section. Visit my Store for lots of great books, gadgets and fitness equipment.

Keep in mind that this site is 10 years old and, except for the blog, nothing is being updated. I just can't bring myself to take it down. My new site is here.


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