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This site contains advertising and some contextual affiliate marketing links.

  • I’ve never been paid to write a review. I’m aware that it’s a fairly common practice but it sounds sort of hinky to me.
  • Occasionally I receive free stuff from companies and PR firms hoping I will mention their product. Nobody is sending me sports cars, vacations or flat screen TVs. Since this is a health and fitness blog, I tend to score things like yogurt, granola and diet books. I generally keep (or eat) these things. If it’s something readers will find useful, I review it. If it's something nobody would find useful (arm girdle... cough, cough) I make fun of it.
  • Mostly I review books, products and programs that I buy with my own money based on my own interests. If I’m talking about something, it’s because I use it myself and like it (or dislike it enough to vent about it). I don’t promote products that I don’t own or haven’t tried.
  • Some of the products I review offer affiliate commissions and some do not. If a product has an affiliate link available, I use it when I discuss the product. If you decide to buy, I get a portion of the sale.